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Make-a-size Paper Towels - 12 Mega Rolls - Up&Up™ (Compare to Bounty)

Make-a-size Paper Towels - 12 Mega Rolls - Up&Up™ (Compare to Bounty)


SKU : T-12 MegaRolls

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  • Pack of 12 mega paper towel rolls so you have a spare on hand
  • Absorbent, multipurpose paper towels
  • Great for all of your cleaning needs
  • 2-ply paper towels remove the grittiest of stains
  • Make-a-size makes it easy to get just as much as you need
Are you searching for superior quality paper towels to easily clean everyday messes? These Make-a-Size Paper Towel rolls from Up&Up™ make a great solution to your everyday home cleaning woes. These absorbent paper towels can easily clean the toughest of the stains, without making you work too hard. Be it the dirty BBQ grill, muddy paw stains or stubborn smudges on the bathroom mirror, these paper towel sheets will allow you to clean everything with ease, and the pick-a-size feature lets you take just as much as you need.
Size: Huge
Sheets Per Roll: 105